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Apr 16th

Godly Relationships

Promoting Godly Relationships, Civility, and Healthy Living

Opposing racism, vulgarity & obscenities, body & mind abuse (smoking, alcohol and drugs, etc.)

Introduction: While there isn’t one “Christian” lifestyle, there are certain pathways a Christian should aspire towards in life. God asks this of us for His own glory and our own good. In this section, we will first discuss topics of daily life, such as our personal relationships and civility, looking to the Bible as our guide. Then, we will turn to characteristics of negative lifestyles, such as racist beliefs and behavior, vulgarity and obscenity, and body and mind abuse (smoking, alcohol, and drugs). We hope God will speak to you about His plan for your life and how that corresponds to living a healthy lifestyle as the Bible describes. 



Blame Keeps Wounds Open – Only Forgiveness Heals

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This tool, coupled with the two preceding tools: Anger Wants Someone Else to Pay; and The Bowl that Holds the Acid (Anger) is Eaten by the Acid (Anger) creates a tremendous trio for those intent on solving problems and conquering anger.

We must understand how blame keeps wounds open. Blame, like anger, operates on a continuum. Anger wants someone to pay. Blame is the continuation of extracting payments by playing the blame-game.

It is said the oldest form of problem solving is blame shifting. Follow this account from Genesis 3:11-13:


How to Attack the Problem and Not the Person

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Counselees, former and current, say this is the most valuable problem-solving tool in my problem-solving-tool-kit. And I agree.  This tool is built on the time tested proven axiom:  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  If we prevent problems from developing we do not need to seek a cure.  This tool is easiest taught in the context of husbands and wives. From these illustrations the tool can be adapted to fit many other areas where problems occur.


Three Things People Do To Solve Problems That Do Not Work And Why They Do Not Work

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In the problem solving process a person’s objectivity is often based on their most recent experience. Don’t disregard all past experiences, for in doing so, we put an axe to the axiom experience is the best teacher. However, what worked in the past might not be workable for the present or the future. Past experiences could be elements of current problems.


Problem Solving 101

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The three levels of a problem are the Presentation, Performance and Preconditioning. Knowing these predictable stages expedites problem solving. Remember, we will never be without problems yet we need never be without a solution.

Problems come from many sources that initially we process internally. We acknowledge them first by giving them thought then by giving them a name or assigning them to someone or something. As the thought germinates we state it verbally to someone. That someone could be the person we believe to be directly involved in the problem as we see it or someone selected to be a sounding board.


Problems Are Solutions in Disguise

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This may seem an over simplification of all you have struggled with for perhaps too long – but it is not. For every problem God has a solution. The first step in solving problems is giving the problem the correct name.

As a Bible-based teacher/counselor it is not my calling to name people’s problems. It is up to them to tell me what they are experiencing. From their descriptions the problems will actually name themselves.


You Can’t Steer a Parked Car

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Earlier I stated every tool in this series is based on a verse, passage or biblical principle. When teaching this tool in a counseling setting many say upon seeing the flash card, “I’m not an expert on the Bible, but I have never read that verse in my King James Version.”

It is in the Bible, but stated differently; and just as succinctly. It is found in Proverbs 3:5-6: “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and He will steer your car. (Actually) and he shall direct thy paths.”


The Is No Change If There Is No Change

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The following plan is simple to state. Like anything worthwhile it takes personal discipline; but half the battle is won if we have confidence in the plan. Here it is: Find a plan that works. Employ it as your plan. As you exercise the plan modify it to fit you. You then have your personal plan of problem solving that will lead to victory. This leads us to the third level of change.


The Bible and Interracial Marriage


Creation Ministries
Even though the Bible makes it clear that all people are descended from Adam and Eve (so they must be very closely related),1 there are still misconceptions among some Christians surrounding 'race'. Surprisingly, perhaps, this can include concerns about the idea of marriage between two believers from different so-called races.


The New Challenge for Blacks: Maintaining our Dignity to Preserve the Virtue tnd Legacy of the Civil Rights Struggle


Hate speech does not come from those who tell the truth. It comes from those who hate the truth and love a lie.  

Using the civil rights struggle to promote the sexual appetites of the homosexual agenda is an affront to the dignity of black people. No other group in America has had to suffer the wicked injustices as did African blacks who were forced to provide hard labor with no compensation, and their American descendants.


Attacks on DOMA Threaten Marriage, Church-State Relations, Warns Archbishop Dolan in Letter to President

Seeks dialogue with President on definition of marriage as union of a man and a woman
Objects to Justice Department comparing support for marriage definition with racism
Archbishop to President: Push the reset button on approach to DOMA

WASHINGTON—The Obama Administration’s fight against the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which defines marriage as between one man and one woman, will undermine marriage and create a serious breach of Church-State relations, Archbishop Timothy Dolan, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, wrote in a September 20 letter to President Barack Obama,


FRC Urges Retailers to Resist Pressure to Discriminate Against Customers With Traditional, Biblical View of Marriage

WASHINGTON , D.C. - In recent weeks, online political activists have engaged in a misinformation campaign that seeks to bully retailers such as Walgreens, Petco, and Netflix into discriminating against customers and charities based on their religious beliefs, specifically the traditional and biblical view of marriage as the union of one man and one woman.


Let The People Decide Marriage Issues


Advocates for extending marriage rights to same-sex couples think they are on a roll with New York State's action. Lawmakers and lobbyists cut a midnight backroom deal to push a marriage bill through Albany. They would not dare to submit this issue to New York voters. Some of them remember how state voters turned back the ERA in the Empire State thirty years ago.


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Petition for Impeachment of Attorney General Mark Herring

Petition for Impeachmentof Attorney General Mark Herring

As Virginians, we, the undersigned, believe our Commonwealth is entitled to be represented by an Attorney General who will not betray our Constitution by joining litigants in an effort to have its duly-adopted provisions declared illegal.

Our collective, informed decision to preserve the sacred institution of marriage in Virginia constitutes sound public policy and is supported by compelling legal arguments.

Under these circumstances, we, the undersigned, hereby call for the impeachment of Attorney General Mark Herring, who has chosen to actively fight against this Constitutional provision rather than fulfill his duty to defend it.

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Please Download this form,  fill out and mail this back to us at: 8604 Staples Mill Rd, Richmond, VA 23228 or email it to us at:


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Video Sanctity of Life, Racism, Abortion

Proverbs 24, verses 11 and 12 Deliver those who are drawn toward death, And hold back those stumbling to the slaughter. If you say, “Surely we did not know this,” Does not He who weighs the hearts consider it? He who keeps your soul, does He not know it? And will He not render to each man according to his deeds?

VIDEO Sanctity of Life Epidemic

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