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Jul 23rd

Thursday, April 12th, 2018 : Digital Cocaine Seminar

Thursday, April 12th, 2018
Richmond Christian School
6511 Belmont Road
Chesterfield, VA


Digital Cocaine: A Journey Toward iBalance seminar on Thursday, April 12th, 2018, Richmond Christian School

What’s the difference between half a line of cocaine and an hour of playing a video game?

  • Nothing, as far as your brain is concerned. 

What can you do to be effective at multitasking?

  • Nothing, as far as your brain is concerned.

Digital Cocaine Richmond Christian Church


Understanding how your brain was designed and functions is the key to using technology and is the central theme in Brad Huddleston’s latest book and seminar series – Digital Cocaine: A Journey Toward iBalance.

“The research on the impact of technology on the brain is astounding, even shocking,” Huddleston said. “When people learn about the real effects of their phones, games or tablets, they can either bury their head in the sand and hope for the best or make impactful changes in the way they consume tech. I’m all about the latter.”

The book is now available widely. In the seminar, Huddleston addresses life-impacting information in a highly interactive and engaging format, using the very technology he teaches about.

“This is not an ‘anti-technology’ message. In fact, technology is my area of expertise. I use it in all of my work in writing, speaking, researching and video production. But it is critical that people understand how to use technology so it doesn’t end up using them.”

Whether it's gaming, pornography, cyberbullying, or the decline in grades, Digital Cocaine provides a look into the God-designed brain to understand how it interacts with the exploding world of digital communication and how the user can stay safe. The seminar is designed for parents, teens, teachers, students, pastors and their church members.

“I want to replace confusion, hesitancy, and fear as it relates to the digital world with the facts that can make people safer and more secure from page one.”

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