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Jun 21st


Craig Johnson

The First Amendment Ministry

Richmond, VA

“Brother Craig The Hatchet Man” A Richmond Radio, T.V. and internet radio blogger has joined with The Virginia Christian Alliance as VCA’s School Choice Advocate to become more engaged with VCA’s Christian culture issues mission. Craig has been a long time conservative “Christian based” public policy advocate. For some twenty years Craig has been spreading his message via radio, T.V. the internet and public appearances in the Central Virginia area. Craig is the founder and president of the First Amendment Inc., “A non-profit educational and advocacy organization that promotes American freedom, constitutionality, and identifies and endorses good conservative public policy.”

Craig has also worked on over 20 political campaigns over the years. Two of Craig’s areas of expertise are:

  1. School choice vouchers for every child
  2. The U.S. constitution’s First Amendment
  • The Freedom of Religion
  • The Freedom from Religion
  • The Freedom of Free Speech
  • The Freedom of the Press
  • The Freedom to Peaceably Assemble
  • The Right to Petition the Government for Redress of Grievances

Craig’s radio interviews include best selling authors like Edward Klein (“The Amateur”) and Dinesh D’Souza (author of Obama’s America, the inspiration for the movie 2016). He has interviewed Dr. Walter Williams, Fr. Frank Pavone of Priest for Life, singer Lee Greenwood and many, many other notable people. Craig is married to Kimberly and they live in Richmond.

Craig is available to speak on School Choice, The First Amendment and many other topics.

Visit the First Amendment, Inc. Website at and
Craig’s podcast at .

 Craig’s email address is


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