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Jul 23rd
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A Negative Approach to a Positive Response

Tom C Lacy croppedThe title of this tool is a play-on-words. It is built upon the last tool we learned. We looked at 12 words that can heel relationships: I am wrong. I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. In our last lesson we concluded this is what to do. Now we will learn how to put this together for an effective delivery. Remember, the best way to defeat the enemy is to make a friend of them. The A, B, Cs for...

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Virginia Marriage Amendment Update

Bob-MarshallThe Virginia Christian Alliance's initiative to support "traditional" marriage in Virginia and to hold the Attorney General, Mark Herring, accountable for his unlawful actions is aggressively moving forward. Delegate Bob Marshall recently posted an opinion piece about the marriage issue. We share Delegate Marshall's post with our VCA supporters and encourage its reading. Bob Marshall: Elites betray will of the people on homosexual ‘marriage’ BY BOB MARSHALL   Posted: Friday, July 4, 2014 7:00 pm

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The First Great Awakening's Impact on the Founding Fathers Dr. Eddie H…

AwakeningPreachers320Black Robe Regiment Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, are usually considered the most irreligious of America's Founding Fathers. If Franklin was in Washington, D.C. today, however, he would stand out for his strong religious beliefs and conservative political views. He would be pro-life, pro-traditional marriage and would advocate for prayer and Bible reading in the public schools. So far has our nation moved from its Christian origins that this most liberal, irreligious Founder would today stand out for his conservatism. His Early...

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How Do We Have Oneness in Marriage? Husband and Wife Roles

Tom Clark1Introduction Thoughts Our secular-culture says that men and women do not have role-differences. One of the things the Bible says is that men and women are equal, but different. They are equal: Equal before God - Equally bearing God’s image; Equal in God’s design and calling - They are equally important to God’s kingdom; Equal in salvation. But being equal in these ways, they are not the “same.”

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The Hardest Thing to Give is IN

Tom C Lacy croppedGiving in is not giving up. Biblically speaking, giving in is giving over to God’s way toward resolution and reconciliation. As a jail chaplain I often taught a lesson I entitled: How is the Best Way to Defeat Your Enemies. As you might imagine, occasionally an inmate would blurt out, “Kill him.” Because I got that answer from time to time, I would respond with this question, “What are you in for?” More often than not they were in for a violent...

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When the State Owns Your Soul

eyesrainbowThis article was originally published at BARBWIRE  Sometimes violence, even murder, isn’t the worst thing you can do to a fellow human being. Stealing his soul, taking over the management of his conscience and his mind—those are worse. America reached that depth of wickedness recently when the Colorado “Civil Rights” Commission ordered a Christian baker and his employees (including his 87-year-old mother) to undergo “sensitivity training” until they are proved to be “rehabilitated” from their religious beliefs. This was because the baker declined...

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Petition for Impeachment of Attorney General Mark Herring

Petition for Impeachmentof Attorney General Mark Herring

As Virginians, we, the undersigned, believe our Commonwealth is entitled to be represented by an Attorney General who will not betray our Constitution by joining litigants in an effort to have its duly-adopted provisions declared illegal.

Our collective, informed decision to preserve the sacred institution of marriage in Virginia constitutes sound public policy and is supported by compelling legal arguments.

Under these circumstances, we, the undersigned, hereby call for the impeachment of Attorney General Mark Herring, who has chosen to actively fight against this Constitutional provision rather than fulfill his duty to defend it.

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