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Apr 01st
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"We're Queer. We're Here. And We're Coming after Your Kids."…

A Pro-Homosexual Day in Public Schools: April 17 | Take Action If you have school age children, contact your administration as soon as possible to ask this specific question: Will your school be allowing students to hold the Day of Silence on April 17 and refuse to speak on that day? If the administration answers “yes” or dodges the question keep your children home that day. The Day of Silence is the queen of all the numerous homosexuality-affirming activities that take place...

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Why Two Mommies Cannot Replace Daddy

Liberty Council Heather Barwick, who was raised by two lesbians, wrote a compelling story about why she opposes same-sex marriage. Married to a man and raising four children, Heather has come to realize why same-sex marriage is wrong and why it harms children. In her powerful story, Heather wrote in The Federalist: “Growing up, and even into my 20s, I supported and advocated for gay marriage. It’s only with some time and distance from my childhood that I’m able to reflect on...

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Letter to the Editor: Civilized Nation No More

Bnowers1Re: Leonard Pitts article "Learning to get along in these polarizing times," March 18. Pitts wrote about getting along in these polarizing times. During and after WWII we were the greatest nation on earth. Nearly everyone got along and we were a Christian and a united nation. What was it like? At that time abortion was murder, Bibles were read in every public school, Christian artifacts and evidence was in most public places, homosexuality was an abomination, just like the Bible...

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Roy Moore: What Gay Marriage Fight Is Really About

John Jessup | CBN News  MONTGOMERY, Ala. -- As a Vietnam War veteran, Roy Moore is no stranger to a fight. But today he's engaged in a battle of a different kind – one being waged in the courts. Moore, Alabama's Supreme Court Chief Justice, is an ardent and outspoken supporter of traditional marriage. His latest move stirred the debate into a frenzy, when he ordered Alabama's probate judges to stop granting marriage licenses to same-sex couples after U.S. District Court Judge Callie...

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April 1, American Education and Christian History Tour

Please join us next Wed., April 1 at 10:00-11:00 am for The History of American Education and America's Christian History Tour at the Foundation for American Christian Education, ( and the Hall Slater Library ( located at 4225 Portsmouth Blvd, Chesapeake (across from Chesapeake Sq. Mall) How fortunate we are as this National treasure moved from San Francisco to Chesapeake a few yrs. ago due to Dr. Carole Adams' work to ensure every child reaches his full potential in Christ enabling...

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Marriage is Part of God’s Calling

Tom Clark1We need to be disciples before God - and focusing on marriage. God calls us to be disciples before God. Not only do we trust Christ as our Savior, but we are to move forward as disciples before God, And, as a disciple, we are to do a series of things: We bow before God - submit to God versus submission to ourselves.We try to obey God’s instructions.One of our pursuits as a “disciple” is pursuing oneness in marriage.

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Petition for Impeachment of Attorney General Mark Herring

Petition for Impeachmentof Attorney General Mark Herring

As Virginians, we, the undersigned, believe our Commonwealth is entitled to be represented by an Attorney General who will not betray our Constitution by joining litigants in an effort to have its duly-adopted provisions declared illegal.

Our collective, informed decision to preserve the sacred institution of marriage in Virginia constitutes sound public policy and is supported by compelling legal arguments.

Under these circumstances, we, the undersigned, hereby call for the impeachment of Attorney General Mark Herring, who has chosen to actively fight against this Constitutional provision rather than fulfill his duty to defend it.

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Please Download this form,  fill out and mail this back to us at: 8604 Staples Mill Rd, Richmond, VA 23228 or email it to us at:


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